Why Is Meat Not Good For Your Health?

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Who doesn’t like to eat something tasty? Don’t you? All of us prefer different tastes. Since the day we are born to this world, we always try to eat delicious food. Sometimes we get addicted to that. In comparison to other bad addictions, this is way better. But, we should question ourselves that, is it really favourable for our health? We are not getting younger day by dat. We become old and getting closer to death almost everyday. We celebrate our birthdays. Did how many of you think of the other side of a birthday. For example, this year you may turn 20. Next year you will be 21. If you just assume that the average life time of a person is 70 years, haven’t you gotten closer to that by one year? Are you shocked? Should be.

 However, you don’t have to worry. Each of us will die one day. This will remember you the saying” Life is uncertain and death is certain”. Until we die, what really matters is how well we spend our life. According to Lord Buddha’s teachings, health is the ultimate profit in this world and nothing else. What is the point of being millionaire if you are not physically fit? Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of our own health.

 How can we maintain good health? The food we eat, is one of the critical determinants. As mentioned above, meat is something we love to eat. But, is it really good for our health? Let’s look at some of the reasons to minimize meat consumption.

 The risk of cancer

 Many researchers and universities have found that eating chicken, cows and other animals promotes cancer significantly. It is further identified that the likelihood of a vegetarian to get cancer, is 40% less than that of a person who eats meat regularly. This doesn’t mean that you should not eat meat. You have to control it. For instance, you can buy organic meat such as organic pork, which is processed in accordance with the USDA’s standards.

 Risk of heart diseases and diabetes

 Any meat usually contains a large number of fat. Hence, if you eat excessively, you will definitely get caught by one of these diseases. In other words, meat products include a high percentage of cholesterol and saturated fat which are extremely bad for our health. Let’s assume that if you like to eat pork, someone guarantees you that he/she can find you the pork supplier in Philippines. But still, you will not be escaped from those risks. 

 Those are the two major reasons to reduce your meat consumption. There are several other reasons as well, which are directly or indirectly linked with the above two. Frightened? No need. Control your self and have discipline. That’s it.