Tips To Find The Perfect First Apartment

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So you are planning on buying your fist apartment and joining the thousands of singles, couples and families who are a part of the community living. While this may be an exciting or even monumental moment of your life one should be aware that as a first time purchaser of an apartment there are several important factors or even tips which you may not be aware of.  Thus, this article explores some of these tips in order to ensure that you spend your money’s worth when purchasing an apartment.

Online Research

This is the most important step in searching for an apartment. As we live in a digitized world ensure that you do your homework by unearthing information about potential apartments, neighborhood, pest complaints.  Furthermore, ensure that it is situated in a central location in proximity to restaurants and cafes. Kingsford waterbay showflat location for instance can be accessed online to view all this information. Moreover, compare the prices of the apartments that you shortlisted.

Visit Apartments

One should also ensure that they attempt to get the most out of their visit by asking specific questions or by clearing your doubts without merely taking the broker’s word. Furthermore, one should not be afraid to explore the apartment as you are preparing to spend a lot of money on it. Moreover, one should not merely pay close attention to the apartments instead they should also focus their attention on the elevators, corridors and common areas to ensure that there is sufficient upkeep.


Even though the price may appear to be too steep for first time apartment owners one should consider this to be both a purchase and investment. Furthermore, one can also ask their parents to provide them with some initial seed money to make the purchase. Moreover, as apartments such as Kingsford waterbay balance unit, it is possible for one to purchase either a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment and arrange to rent out the 2 remaining bedrooms. In this way one would be able to make an additional income.


If you own a pet check what the apartment’s policy is on pets because some sites do not allow pets while other allow cats or dogs that are small in size. Furthermore, some sites may even place certain restrictions if you own a pet such as only allowing you to purchase an apartment on the ground floor. Thus, ensure that they have a fair policy prior to making any decisions.

Although, purchasing an apartment may appear like a complex task by doing your homework you can ensure that you find the perfect apartment to suit your needs.