The Reasons For Divorce

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Saying “i do” is easy. But working on your marriage is not a piece of cake. You will not get your happily ever after if you don’t work towards it.


An extra-marital relationship is one of the biggest causes of divorce. This happens where there is a lack of intimacy, emotions and sexual needs. Infidelity usually begins as innocent friendships that later gradually grows from an emotional to a physical relationship. A common word for infidelity is adultery.


Different spending plans and goals might cause a tension at the beginning of the marriage. Money will definitely cause a power struggle which causes a nuptial to strain. For many couples, money and stress don’t work hand in hand.


Effective communication and openness is very crucial in a marriage as it is the foundation of a strong relationship. When communication is lacking this will cause strife and unpleasantness. Shouting at your partner is a wrong move when you are angry with each other. It does not solve problems as you tend to make nasty comments.


Arguments are bound to happen regarding chores or who gets to pick the kids up. But serious arguments are caused when two people don’t see eye to eye and this results in a fight ending without a solution.

 Issues with weight

We are taught that discrimination is wrong. However, a percentage of matrimonies end in prenuptial agreement in Singapore or divorce to one party gaining weight which might seem unfair and it is. The reason behind this is because when the partner looks at the other who has gained weight they do feel attracted to them physically which also bruises their self-esteem.

 Unrealistic hopes

Whatever the expectations that were being held before marriage will end in disappointment because people tend to change due to other factors affecting them. This leads to disappointments and another blow to self-esteem.


Intimacy is essential for a marriage. Closeness does not always mean at a physical capacity. It comes to the emotional bond and which brings you both close. Kindness, appreciating each other and enjoy the physical bond is important and both parties must be willing.

 Both are equals

If one partner feels like that he or she is contributing and doing most of the work to keep their relationship afloat, this can will cause arguments and lead to separation. A couple should learn to compromise, enjoy each other’s company and live in harmony.

 Not prepared

Many individuals jump into the marriages without being completely ready. If you are not ready it will be very difficult for you to adapt to sharing your life with someone else. Many separations take place within the first ten years of togetherness.


Physical or emotion abuse should not be tolerated by either party. Usually the abuser is not a bad person, but emotions are responsible. It is best to remove yourself from this type of relationship.

 Making vows to be with someone is very important. The vows you make are not just words. Therefore, work together in love and kindness and you will both grow together.