Reasons To Let The Pigs Just Live

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There are only two answers to this question. Either you love it, or you hate it. Your reasons for dislike maybe very personal or belief-based; but if you are someone who is head over heels for your bacon, these will just might make you think.

You are what you eat.

Well, not literally. But you can’t really disregard the fact that you will eventually start looking all “porked up” if you stuff yourself with it. All kinds of processed pig’s meat have a high amount of fat that is actually bad for you, which will overtime will not only make your clothes tight, but clog your arteries with cholesterol and saturated fat. Leading you in to the deadly alley of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Why not just say “no thank you” and stick with alternatives.

Your ham does not come alone.

The extreme conditions inside these farm factories with very little space and cramped up animals make it an ideal condition for harmful diseases to grow. You may be buying trusted European pork but there is very little assurance that says you will not be eating bacteria laden meat. It is proved that about 70 percent of the pigs develop pneumonia by the time they are slaughtered as a result of living in extreme conditions. Being the kind of free roaming animals they are, in order for the hogs to not be killed by the unnatural living conditions, routine antibiotics are given. The misuse of antibiotics lead to the development of “super bacteria” that are resilient to most medications. And if that is not scary enough…

Feasts sent from hell.

The commercial pig breeding is a mega industry and it requires intensive methods to keep up with the demand. When you say intensive you are talking about no sunshine, no fresh air level of intensity. These animals are subjected to mutilation, teeth clipping, depravation and distress from the day they are born, with not a sense of kindness or freedom or the slimmest experience of their natural lives. In truth, the European pig welfare you chow down and lick your fingers has suffered more than you can ever imagine.

Would you ever eat your dog?

Did you know that a pig has the same intelligence capacity of a three year old? Well that in fact is the truth. Pigs are very intelligent animals and are even much smarter than your dog! The next time you are tempted to eat pork; think of cooking your loved canine friend or simply your neighbor’s three year old.